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Locations have been active in the Dublin market since 2004 and know the City market very well. We are familiar with most Dublin property developments as we let and manage properties throughout the city and county. Locations also have local knowledge of the City’s current and future plans.

Locations have successfully sourced properties for both international and Irish investors . Our client have benefitted from our knowledge and experience of buying property in Dublin and also knowing what areas/properties to avoid. The new rental laws have a number of ramifications for Buyer's and Landlord's and we will advise on these in relation to any purchase.

We are also familiar with many Estate Agents, they know we are serious and will recommend our clients to their vendors based on our track record of concluding purchases . We are also skilled at negotiating with Agents and Vendors.

We will identify strong investment opportunities, negotiate on your behalf , and assist with the purchase from start to closing of the sale . We can also organise any repairs or refurbishments for our clients.

  • Advisory Role

    • Educate Investors on current market conditions.
    • Advise on best locations to invest within.
    • Identify properties with strong rental and capital appreciation potential. Both on and off market properties.
    • Assist with and recommend ancillary services such as legal, survey, refurbishment etc.
    • Advise on how to handle any repairs needed on the property & assist with and recommend ancillary services such as legal, survey, refurbishment etc.
  • sourcing property

    • We will research properties in the area and sort through current property listings to make recommendations after cross-referencing buyer’s investment.
    • Locations Estate Agents knowledge of Dublin City and County positions us to identify the best locations, developments, properties on both macro and micro levels.
    • We are informed as to how the city is developing now and in the future and this knowledge is invaluable when making investment decisions.
  • Expertise and Negotiations

    • Our skill and experience in negotiations will be valuable in achieving a successful purchase.
    • Locations will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that can occur when investing in property.
    • We also offer after purchase services, such as Lettings, Property Management and Project Management and Refurbishment.
    • We also have a Sales Service if you decide to sell at a later stage.
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